ESX  – Elastic Sky X ( i – integrated) 

GSX – Ground Storm X or Ground Swell X

FDM – Fault Domain Manager

CSI – Clustering Services Infrastructure

PAE – Propero Application Environment

VPX – Virtual Provisioning X

VPXA – Virtual Provisioning X Agent

VPXD – Virtual Provisioning X Daemon

VMX – Virtual Machine eXecutable

AAM – Automated Availability Manager

VIX – Virtual Infrastructure eXtension

VIM – Virtual Infrastructure Management

DAS – Distributed Availability Service

ccagent – Control Center agent

DPM  –  Distributed Power Management

DRS  –   Distributed Resources Scheduler

DVS   –    Distributed Virtual Switch

VDS   –   vNetwork Distributed Switch
ERS    –    Enterprise Ready Server

EUC   – End User Computing

EVC    –  Enhanced vMotion Compatibility

EVDC   – Elastic Virtual Data Center

HA     –  High Availability

HCL   –  Hardware Compatibility List

HoL    –  Hands-On Labs

IaaS    –  Infrastructure as a Service

SaaS   –   Software as a Service

SDDC   – Software Defined Data Center

SDRS   – Storage Distributed Resource Scheduling

SRM   –  Site Recovery Manager

STS   –  SpringSource Tool Suite

TAM   –  Technical Account Manager

V2V   –  Virtual to Virtual

VAAI   –  vStorage API for Array Integration

VADM  –  vCenter Application Discovery Manager

VDC   –  Virtual Data Center

VDP   –  vSphere Data Protection

VDR  –  VMware Data Recovery

VM   –  Virtual Machine

VMA   –  vSphere Management Assistant

VMFS  –  Virtual Machine File System

VMRC  –  VMware Remote Console

VMS   –  vFabric Management Service

VMSA  – VMware Security Advisory

VMTN  – VMware Technology Network

VMW   – VMware

VR   –  vSphere Replication

VRM   – vCloud Request Manager

VSA   – vSphere Storage Appliance

VSM   – VMware Service Manager

VSP   – VMware Sales Professional

vswif   – Virtual Switch Interface


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